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Introduction: In the realm of soccer, where talent meets passion and dedication, Youcef El Kharraz-Hadria shines as a remarkable player with an inspiring journey. From his early days at NRBB Bathioua Academy to making waves in professional leagues, Youcef’s story is one of sheer determination and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Professional Experience: Youcef’s soccer voyage began at the tender age of eight, displaying promise and potential at NRBB Bathioua. Gradually moving through various age groups, his skills flourished, capturing the attention of coaches and peers alike.

His journey through different clubs reads like a captivating tale of triumph:

  • JSMO ORAN (2015-2017): Youcef’s talents took him to JSMO ORAN, where he made a significant impact in the U15 and U16 teams.
  • MCO ORAN (2017-2020): His potential led him to MCO ORAN, where he continued to thrive and contribute to the U17, U18, and U19 squads.
  • OMA ARZEW (2020-2022): Scaling new heights, Youcef’s journey took him to OMA ARZEW, where he made an indelible mark in the U20 and U21/Senior teams.
  • NASLISAH Turkey (2021-2022): In pursuit of excellence, he ventured to NASLISAH Turkey, adding international experience to his repertoire.
  • ACCADIMIE TARGET SPORT ISTANBUL (2022-2023): Seeking growth, Youcef joined ACCADIMIE TARGET SPORT ISTANBUL to further elevate his game.
  • GIE.FC DUBAI / UNITEDXB (2022-2023): The allure of new challenges brought him to GIE.FC DUBAI / UNITEDXB, where his talent continues to shine.

Personal Information: Born on 17th March 2001 in Oran, Algeria, Youcef is a 21-year-old left-footed player, standing tall at 180 cm and weighing 73 kg. His Algerian nationality reflects his pride in representing his homeland on the international stage.

Skills and Multilingualism: Beyond his prowess on the soccer field, Youcef’s accomplishments extend to academia, where he demonstrates fluency in multiple languages. Proficient in French, English, and Arabic, his linguistic skills mirror his versatility as a player.

Hobbies and Diversified Interests: While soccer remains his primary passion, Youcef’s interests extend beyond the field. He finds solace in literature, explores the realms of science, and nurtures an inclination towards medicine.


Date of Birth: 2001-APR-17

Place Of Birth: ORAN, Algeria.

Nationalite: Algeria

Foot: Left Footed

Position: Left-back / WLF

Height: 180M

Weight: 73 Kg


  • U8: 2008-2009: NRBB Bathioua
  • U9: 2009-2010: NRBB Bathioua
  • U10: 2010-2011: NRBB Bathloua
  • U11: 2011-2012: NRBB Bathioua
  • U12: 2012-2013: NRBB Bathioua
  • U13: 2013-2014: NRBB Bathioua
  • U14: 2014-2015: NRBB Bathioua
  • U15: 2015-2016: JSMO ORAN
  • U16: 2016-2017: JSMO ORAN
  • U17: 2017-2018: MCO ORAN
  • U18: 2018-2019: MCO ORAN
  • U19: 2019-2020: MCO ORAN
  • U20: 2020-2021: OMA ARZEW
  • U21/Senior: 2021-2022: OMA ARZEW
  • Senior: 2021-2022: NASLISAH Turkey
  • GIE.FC DUBAI / UNITEDXB: 2022-2023
  • Emerald FC / UAE FA: 2023 – 2024

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