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Who is Abbey Natty Kunrunmi?

Abbey Natty Kunrunmi is a Nigerian-Canadian soccer player born in Lagos, Nigeria. He started his soccer career playing for Lagos United FC in Nigeria from 2010 to 2013 before moving to Muhoroni youth FC in Kenya for the 2013-2014 season. He then transferred to Gormahia FC in Kenya, where he helped the team win several cups, including the Charity Cup, Supersport Cup, and DSTV Cup. Abbey was awarded the title of “New Best Player of the Year” in the KPL during his time with Gormahia FC. He also received the “Man of the Match” award in the Gormahia FC VS Thika United FC game.

In 2015, Abbey Natty Kunrunmi transferred to Musanze FC in Rwanda, where he played for a year before moving to Canada to play for Milton SC in 2016. He later played for Prostar FC in 2018 and Alliance FC in Canada in 2021.

Abbey Natty Kunrunmi is also an experienced soccer scout and sports manager. He is currently the Director of Abbey Natty Soccer Scouting (ABNASS), where he uses his expertise to identify and develop young talents in soccer. Abbey is also in the process of obtaining several FIFA certifications to further his knowledge in the sport.

Abbey Natty Kunrunmi is known for his strong playing skills, including his ability to defend, make good headers, and cover the field effectively. He also has great technical offense skills, especially with his long passes. Abbey is currently single and weighs 78kg, standing at a height of 6.1 feet. He is an accomplished soccer player and continues to pursue his passion for the sport while helping to develop the next generation of soccer talents through ABNASS.

Abbey Natty Kunrunmi - Sport Management Certificate

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